What is: Telehealth?

Providing counselling services online seems strange at first sight, but quite convenient and feels more comfortable, and natural than you’d expect. I’m a 28 year old nerd and former FIFO worker – I am no stranger to video calls and connecting with others online.

Covid-19 restrictions led to many workplaces adopting work-from-home procedures, and health providers are no exception. My home office was set up after the Education Department informed school wellbeing staff that we’d need to work from home – a framework we quickly built up and implemented.

Your right to confidentiality is still ensured, and Telehealth providers endeavour to ensure your session is secure and safe.

Telehealth services involve using video call software, like Zoom, Webex or Skype, to have a counselling session. These user-friendly experiences often only need you to click a link in order to attend the counselling room.

This means you could have a session wherever is convenient to you! Want to book a half hour session during your lunch break at work? Fine with me. During your kids’ nap time? After they go to bed? Do you work unusual hours that make traditional office hours inconvenient to you?

Being able to pop into my home office and have a web session gives you the convenience of being able to book a time that works for you, unrestricted by traditional office hours, travel or having to arrange a sitter for the kids.

Plus you’ll probably get to meet one of my furry coworkers, who just love popping into the room when they hear new voices.

So reach out, and lets talk about a time that works for you.

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