Anxiety, curiosity and new opportunities

I’m departing from my usual posts for clients and prospective clients today. This one is for the early career psychologists, counsellors, and students.

Today I had the honour and privilege to attend a skills training session with LifelineWA and their DBTeen program. The program is pretty self-explanatory, it provides dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) to adolescents. I am so grateful to the program coordinator for accepting me into the role.

I got to spend today with a dozen amazing individuals, and I only wish I had the time to talk to all of them at the length I only managed with a few. I got to engage in a truly serene mindfulness experience, and learn about the cornerstones of DBT in practice.

I have been interested in pursuing DBT since the second year of my degree (2017) and I cannot understate how excited I am to engage in this program with them. I’ll have a trainee-observer role, and will have the opportunity to learn first hand from experienced clinicians.

Opportunities like this are certainly few and far between. Training is often prohibitively expensive, especially in niche or specialist areas.

Networking is honestly a trait that will take you so many interesting places and provide you with so many opportunities. Building a network, or even just sending emails or following newsletters, can give you a vital and invigorating level of awareness of opportunities and options open to us.

It can be so hard to learn, and the anxiety can be so challenging to overcome, but we deny ourselves amazing opportunities when we don’t put ourselves out there.

For now though, I’ve got a thick DBT book to get acquainted with. There’s so much to learn – I must admit I don’t feel quite ready. But I’m here to learn, and thats perfectly okay.

We start in a couple weeks. I can’t wait.

I’m anxious and curious. It feels amazing.

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