Mine-fulness and Minecraft Therapy

I run Minecraft Therapy! An awesome way to work using a fan’ favourite game, Minecraft! Affectionately referred to as “Lego but on a computer”, Minecraft is a game with a massive amount of creative potential! Check it out here at Pop Culture Competence!

So why not use it in therapy?

Kids can build confidence by engaging enthusiastically in a safe space they’re familiar with, and the peaceful surroundings and serene background music make for wonderful settings for mindfulness exercises. We can work on exercises using the game, working on team skills and mindful planning as we work on big projects in our Minecraft World.

Sometimes counselling services can be awkward or confronting, especially for people with social anxiety, neurodiversity or a history of trauma. Something we can do in a standard talk therapy session is load Minecraft up for an activity to share while we speak to each other. 

If you’d like to learn more or book in for a session, reach out to my social media accounts, via the contact form here, or by email at Mike@counsellingwithmike.com.au

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