Interview with Particle? Wow!

So recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Megan Pusey, (@scienceninjagal) for a piece in Particle – the science news blog run by Scitech – Perth’s interactive science education musem.

I am absolutely giddy with the idea of being interviewed by Scitech. I remember looking forward to the Scitech excursion every year at school and now I’m being interviewed by them? I’m still buzzing from seeing the article go live today. I cheered from my chair.

So hey, if you’re coming to my page from the Particle Article, hi! I’m Mike, the Nerd Therapist!

I’m a counsellor and former school wellbeing worker from Perth, Western Australia. I run Dungeons & Dragons and other role-playing games as group therapy. I also run videogames such as Minecraft and Roblox for therapy to get through to people who may struggle with conventional therapy.

I also write a blog called Pop Culture Competence, which explains nerdy stuff like anime, videogames, superheroes, fantasy and sci-fi media to therapists, teachers and parents and how they can use the stories and themes of that media to empower conversations with young people and nerds.

I do most of my engagement on social media at the moment though! Please see the top and bottom of my pages for links to my socials, or you can check out my LinkTree!

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