Men are in crisis

Men are in crisis.

The statistics on male mental health were bad enough that my first response, upon learning about them, was to leave my career and started helping. I saw it as a call to action.

I offer a challenge to men out there – seek help if you need it. Seek help before you need it – be ready for hard times. Have a good relationship with a counsellor – a mate at your side when the black dog comes barking w save you precious time if you already have someone ready and able if the time comes.

There’s no reason you should be alone when you need someone to talk to. We have to step past mental health awareness and work on mental health action. It can be hard to ask. Believe me when I say I know. That first step is the hardest – its easier from there.

The discomfort, the self imposed resistance we feel towards speaking up, melts away in seconds after saying “can I talk to you?” It really does. It’s so freeing – so powerful. A weight will be lifted from your shoulders that you didn’t even really realise was there.

We’ve heard the message – lets act on it. Let’s ask “R U OK”, and then truly hear the answer, learn how to be there when someone says ‘no’.

Lets learn to tell people that we’re not okay, without having to be asked.

Lets do it. Lets make a new normal.

Reach out.

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