More than treatment

There’s an expectation that counselling has to be about treating a mental health condition. While this is part of it, there’s a whole lot more that we can do in the space.

The beauty of the counselling room is that, with few exceptions, anything goes. It can be a room (or a Zoom) where you can say, or ask, anything. You can be you. And I’ll be me, and I’ll listen to what you have to say.

Counselling isn’t always going to be about your mental health. Although I am certainly ready and willing to sit down and have that talk with you – I’m also here for anything you want to speak about.

Struggling with an upcoming decision?
Is there something you’re not sure about?
Is something on the news troubling you, or are there issues you’d like to explore in a secure space?
Are there ideas you’re not quite comfortable exploring in public?
Something your mates might not get?

Reach out.

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