Being lost as a teenager

I remember being lost as a teenager. There’s so much pressure, school, friendships, relationships. Everyone asking “what do you want to do after school?”, or “what are you doing at uni?” So much pressure is put on teenagers to think about their future when they have so much on right now.

I can’t imagine the pressure put on them now – the uncertainty of Covid would certainly be adding onto their stressors.

But it’s hard to know what we want out of our futures at that age. I had a full time job and career before deciding what I wanted to spend my life doing. I went to uni with quite a few people who didn’t really find their true vocation until later life. It takes time. But speaking with a counsellor may help.

School is a time of growth, and change. Working in a school for the last year and a half has shown me just how much kids go through socially and emotionally. They carry so much and sometimes struggle with asking for help – often, just having someone to talk to about things is all they need.

Remember, your kids, even your teenage kids, may have problems that seem small to a parent. But to them, it’s just their size, or even bigger than them. It’s their life. And we need to take it as seriously as they do.

If your kid has come to you about something and you’re not quite sure, or you don’t really understand what they’re telling you, that’s fine! The landscape has changed so much since we were all kids. It’s part of growing up – we have our own struggles, our own issues to handle.

That’s where I come in. My training and experience, and my passion for youth mental health, are here for you and your family in tough times. I can offer concession prices for families currently struggling financially.

If you’re concerned for your child’s wellbeing and think they should talk with someone, reach out. If you’d like to talk about your worries for your child in a session of your own, I’m here for you.

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