Here for all

Studying psychology and counselling is often seen by some as an invitation to share the frustration they have with their counsellor or psychologist, or therapists past.

And that upset me a bit – I saw someone who reached out for help, but was connected with a therapist who couldn’t see past part of their life. Eventually I noticed a few trends.

And one thing thats always interested me is trends – a lot of my research at university, when I had the freedom to pick a topic, was on groups who’d struggle to find a counsellor who could work effectively with them. I wanted to know more about people in need who have unnecessary barriers put in front of them.

And ironically for someone who is supposed to understand feelings professionally – I don’t understand why someone, especially in a caring profession, would be homophobic – or biphobic, transphobic, or acephobic, for that matter. I heard a lot of stories about people needing help, and not getting it. There’s something so fundamentally wrong with that.

I changed career and started studying to help people – and I find these stories about people who reach out, only to be judged for who they are – or part of who they are? That’s so wrong to me.

So excuse my rant, but I’m just going to come out and say what I wanted to say.

If you’re a member of the LGBTQIA community, engaged in kink/BDSM, sex work, body modification, I’m here for you. I remember when I worked on the rails, up north, working a FIFO job, feeling like other people just didn’t get how hard it can be.

If you’ve ever felt judged or not heard, or not understood, simply for being who you are, try me. You are who I’m here for.

Reach out.

Welcome to the start of my journey!

Hi readers, and welcome to the start of my journey as a professional counsellor.

I mean, I’ve been in a school welfare & wellbeing role since February 2019, and it’s been a blast! I’m there now – and as someone who really wanted to work in schools, and youth mental health, it was a dream come true!

But this year has presented a whole range of new challenges for me – and everyone. And I wanted to do more. So last week I applied for my counselling registration, and yesterday my insurance was approved, so I opened up Counselling with Mike.

I’ll go more into my story in later posts, but I came to study Counselling and Psychology in 2016 after working in the construction industry. I have a lot of interests, but they’re easily distilled down to to – I want to help people who’d otherwise struggle to get help. That’s really it – that’s my mission in mental health.

I’m starting this blog for accountability, a public journal, and maybe even a resource for present and future early career counsellors. I remember finishing up with uni and thinking “wait, what now?” The counsellor pathway isn’t as laid out as the psychology ones – it can be tough to navigate and figure out “what’s next”

Thankfully I have a fantastic team who’ve supported me in my school role. Next up on the to-do list – find a supervisor!

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!